Our product: the RUTILIGHT® device

An ergonomic product designed by and for surgeons

In spite of a long expertise of more than 40 years in the sector, with a wide product portfolio in our business group, the RUTILIGHT® device is the first device that we launch from Swan Medical S.L. as producers.

Many surgeons experience difficulties when it comes to illuminating the surgical field. There are dark areas and shadows that cannot be eliminated neither with the operating theatre lighting nor with other supplementary illumination solutions, such as headlights or lighted spacers, hampering occasionally the surgery process.

The doctors Joan Francesc Julián and Jordi Navinés, from the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital General Surgery Service, near Barcelona, devised this clever product as a surgical assistance device that stems from the need for a better and stronger lighting in interventions.

The RUTILIGHT® device is a local lighting system that can be adapted to surgical instruments. This sterile single-use device is easy to mount and allows for close-up and precise illumination of the intraoperative field.

Swan Medical S.L. was born to manufacture and market such a significant contribution to the sector, improving visual quality for surgeons during surgical interventions and providing significant assistance in narrow, deep and difficult access approaches.