A device that adapts to any laryngoscope, transforming it into a video laryngoscope


The ideal device to ensure the success of any intubation at an affordable cost and with high-level technical performance!

Millions of general anesthesia are performed each year around the world.

In these procedures, when performed with an endotracheal tube, the most commonly used device for the insertion maneuver is the laryngoscope.

But direct laryngoscopy fails in a relevant percentage of cases, in patients with and without predictors of difficult airways, for reasons mainly related to the lack of anatomical view of the glottic orifice, and even of the epiglottis, which do not allow the tube to be directed correctly, or due to lack of experience of the doctor.

In these cases, a rescue alternative such as the video laryngoscope should be used, whose effectiveness is indisputable.

The video laryngoscope is the ideal device to ensure success in any intubation, particularly in patients with difficult airways, but it is a resource that implies a very high investment, which limits its availability and its widespread and recurrent use.

If they were affordable and available in all rooms where they are needed –operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency services, etc.– it would be the first-line device of choice for all medical personnel performing tracheal intubations and would not only be used as an alternative for complicated cases.

The Cleverscope

The Cleverscope gives added value to conventional laryngoscopes, converting, at the discretion of the physician, direct laryngoscopy into a video laryngoscopy in a simple and economical way, with superior clarity and image quality, improving glottic view and facilitating intubation extensively and in any context.

The Cleverscope allows:

  • Transform a laryngoscope into a video laryngoscope, adapting the device to the blade.
  • Increase the number of video laryngoscopes in any hospital and expand their use to all areas where it is needed.
  • Have a video laryngoscope at a lower economic cost with superior technical performance.
  • Contribute to training in hospitals with residents and in university teaching.


The Cleverscope is used with a monitor that allows the image to be displayed automatically, with an extension cable that allows the necessary distance for barrier-free intubation, a charging cable for the monitor and a clamp so that it can be hung on one of the supports of the medical center.


Cleverscope features

Mixed laryngoscopy

Combination between the correct glottic view of the video laryngoscopy with the best directing of the tracheal tube to the glottis of the laryngoscopy.


Great versatility and universal coupling: on any type of Macintosh blade.


High resolution screen


Ease of assembly and disassembly.


Ready for single use


Very low dimensions and weight.

Learning curve

Ease of use and fast learning curve.

Clinical validation

In a trial conducted between 2018 and 20191 to test the use of the Cleverscope in the intubation of patients without predictors of difficult airway, the results were very conclusive:

  • Improvement in the glottic view Cormack-Lehane scale in relation to the use of a laryngoscope between one and two degrees.
  • Intubation global success rate of 100% and of 92% on the first attempt.
  • A 54% Cormack-Lehane score with direct laryngoscopy vs a 92% when the Cleverscope was used in these same patients.

Better glottic vision, greater success at first intubation attempt, and use of fewer rescue devices

Nota: CE certifícate in progress